Freelancing Career

There is no meaning in developing a skill that does not benefit you. Freelancing can be the most exciting career to get the best of your IT-based skills. Freelancers are the bosses of themselves. They have the freedom to choose their clients and 100% control over the workload. If you are a freelancer, you do not need to maintain a fixed 9 to 6 work life. On top of that, as you are not bound to a geographical barrier, you can earn at a higher rate than that of your locality.

Create a successful freelancing career at Cad Solution IT, the leading IT training institute in Bangladesh. All the 11 courses that we offer to our students are designed in such a way so that they get their freelancing success. With a tremendous reputation because of the success in the IT industry, Cad Solution IT and freelancing has become synonymous in Bangladesh.

Cad Solution IT is the pioneer IT training institute in Bangladesh. It has been producing thousands of freelancers in the country every year who are achieving their freelancing success both in local & international marketplaces. Apart from freelancing, they are pursuing their career in the traditional job market as well. Therefore, freelancers are helping the national economy by unemployment eradication.